Response to a Client of the industry

6 Feb


Submitted on 2013/01/07 at 3:03 am

I’ve recently started paying for sex and I feel ashamed to be doing this but it got me addicted. Trying hard to get it controlled or better, stop it cold turkey style. What I’d like to ask is what drives woman to do this type of job? Do they even enjoy it? Or is it purely for monetary gains? Do they ever plan to get a life partner? I’m seeing very young girls(legal, 20s) in the trade and I pity them. I hope you get to quit this job and do something you always wanted to do.


I don’t know why your ashamed? Maybe because society (religion,politics etc teach you to be?) Men have more of a need for sex and girl’s have a need for money. Just like any business need/demand and supply it’s basic economics. I don’t think your addicted to sex I think sex is the most natural need especially in men. Why do you want to stop? it’s not like females in society make it easy for men to date them etc.
I believe men and woman generally more men though.. in the financial sense always seem to pay somehow for sex. I would rather pay with money then emotionally to be honest.

If you read my initial blog you would see that it is an addiction, mostly to money/power which comes hand in hand. I actually make the most of my bookings and yes i do enjoy having orgasams. I can’t say the same for all my clients and I cannot speak on behalf of all other girls.

I’m assuming your from the US, the world is actually a very different place then the US. Prostitution and brothels are legal in Australia actually, it is widely accepted throughout the world. Have you been to Pompeii? Even though the community was made up of many different cultures/languages they have alfresco paintings of girls on the wall and a concrete model of a penis in the middle of the pavement pointing to the direction of the brothel This was 2000 years ago! I guess that would help with men feeling less shameful lol

Obviously most people are in it for the money I mean if your in a high end escort agency you make about $5-10,000 US a week.. a local brothel 2-3000pw! that is the equivalent of an educated professional person’s income lol

Th most natural thing for a female is to want to find a life partner..prostitute or not. I know girls who have married clients. my first boyfriend was a client (I had stopped working though) and years later I was engaged to another ex client. I have to admit this is not the most ideal situation for me as personally I prefer my life partner not to know anything about this job. I keep it very private from my family and friends also.

Why do you pity them? it is funny you say that as sometimes I pity my clients.. I feel sorry for them that they don’t have a chance to meet nice girls in normal life so they have to PAY for it. Don’t you think that is a little sad for you?

I have had very successful career and I am highly educated and well travelled. my net worth is over $500K and no I am not a drug addict.. however find this difficult to give up. but thank you for your well wishes.. I really hope so too. I’m thinking few more months then out. If someone gave me 80,000 i’d quit lol do you think some church will want to save me? lol

Rape in a Film I watched in December 2012

6 Feb

I just watched a movie “We Once Were Warriors” and the uncle rapes the young girl in the film. It’s really weird rush of emotions, I mean when I watch these scenes. I think you prick! Perpetrators usually always know what to say to make you feel guilty and blame them the victim, then the victim doesn’t say anything and then it’s usually a downward spiral in their life, most of the time I find.


So to continue with the film.. the girl(victim of rape) hangs herself and tears just roll out of my eyes and I cover my mouth as if it is happening to me, I instantly develop massive lump in my throat. Then I had a weird thought, it occurred to me; that maybe I should of just ended my life at some point, I mean are there ever any happy and normal people that are victims of rape ?


(Whatever that means) I mean forget happy, half the world really isn’t happy;

The question should be.. Do you ever move on?  Forget? And live a life without repercussions. Seriously it’s the sad truth, to an extent the trauma and experience the blame and the guilt the shame, it seems to project into our daily lives. I’m not just saying this cause I am a working girl I mean even before I started working. Trusting people family and friends, developing emotionally and accepting that people may actually really love and care for you? That is the biggest issue in my life.


Do I or other victims really have control over our emotional state and valuing self without basing it on sex. I feel if he wants to have sex with me it means he loves me and I know this isn’t true but it feels so embedded in my entire being I can’t connect the knowledge with the emotion of self worthiness.


Blaming one self, I know I didn’t deserve it but early in life I thought I should have done something differently to avoid the whole thing. It’s so fucked up that I think this when I know it’s not true.


Then it changed to something is wrong with me and I probably deserved it. I then occasionally think that I am not affected by it and it has not shaped me, hence my strong façade to the world but deep down seeded in me is these thoughts.



You know what the worst thing you could say to someone when they are sharing the most vulnerable thing that has happened to them is “did he just touch you” like at 5 years old its completely fine that they touch you but not enter!

 I can tell you this even if it was a “just” touching at the time, no part of it is “just” anything put so simply, people don’t understand, they have an idea of what it must have been like, they have some concept but it is so far from their own experiences that they play it down to the victim. Maybe it’s because they don’t know how to respond/react. Here’s how don’t ask questions! Just listen and hug and apologise this has happened to them and reassure them that they are strong and thank them for trusting you with their inner most horrific experiences.


it is such a hard thing to put yourself in someone’s shoes and imagine what it may have been like. Think of your own children or nieces etc.


My experiences with working with other girls and discussions regarding this I can assure you more then 70% of girls were victims of being molested at a young age or raped as teenagers.

Thursday night in $3250 ..tell me how do you give that up?

20 Dec

After having a lazy day even though my phone was beeping during the afternoon I choose to start work a little later

7.30pm:So my first client for the night was someone I had seen before, initially session had booked for an hour and had cum within 5min of entering my pussy after I blew him off, so I had suggested he book for a shorter time as last time as I didn’t want to hang around, didn’t really want to talk to him about much on the night and I had other bookings to go too.. So he booked me for 30min session, was quiet boring, his a shy sort of guy and smokes weed, I think this is what makes him below average in the sack. He said I was beautiful. I love that he appreciates me lol

My second client was a regular client of mine, he booked for 4 hours and I stayed for another half hour, we amateurs attempted to smoke crack, we didn’t have a pipe so I used a lightbulb ( I had seen some other client once use this method), it was only a small amount of crack- i’m not big on it unless it’s an all night booking and with a client I like. It normally really does enhance the experience but this time did fuck all. He had just moved into his new home that he had furnished and wanted to celebrate. Now this guy has got to be one of the most massive men I have ever slept with, I have seen him several times, yet each time I forget how huge he is. I can’t believe my pussy doesn’t stay expanded from the amount of smashing it gets by his dick. It takes me awhile but I play with myself and relax while he tries to enter an before I know it I’m begging him to “smash my pussy”. Although he had booked for 4 hours we had sex for about hour all up and mostly chatted. His a really nice client.

So of-course on a night where I have a longer booking, my phone is off the hook! I am tempted to ask him to shorten booking and got see others but I decide against it as I’m not doing anything anyway and most the calls and text’s where from guys I had seen before. one was happy to wait for 4 hours and another waited for 6. The others should learn to book in advance (:

So the last time I had seen the third client about a year ago. By the time I had turned up he had fallen asleep but was so super keen. It was his last night in town as he had been fired (so many people in the mining industry have been recently I’m surprised I still get a good amount of work.) He really wanted to kiss me so I charged him 100 extra.  initially he booked for an hour but then paid for another 2, he also asked if he could rub his cock on my clit without a condom, he know’s i never do anything unprotected but i’m not sure why I eventually let him, he paid another 100 extra for this. I don’t even give french blow jobs let alone this. He then cum quickly on my belly because he was so excited that I had caved in. I left the booking after 2 hours even though he paid for 3.

my last client was this young hottie, i had to pick him up form 20min away and bring him to my place as he lives with parents and has lost his license. now normally this guy can fuck, it helps when they are yummy too, he had been buzzing my phone since 7.30pm an eventually i saw him at 4.30am, he loves licking my ass and the idea of anal sex, i love anal sex but charge a heap for it. I let him masturbate near my ass after he ha eaten it. but no anal for him yet.

so less then 11 hours work income $3250

How am I going to quit this damn industry !

Hoping this is the beginning of the end of sex work

20 Dec

So I am trying to work out how to end my life working as a prostitute, hooker, working girl and  the most amusing term I hear from men that seem to need a better phrase to justify using the services “lady of the night”. Call it what you want, the work is money for sex,

I had a conversation with a friend L who was also in the industry and recently involved in a committed relationship who hasn’t worked for a few months and is finding it tough – according to her it’s the financial security and not being accustomed to owing things, when L told me her partner suggested they use a credit card, I interrupted and said “what’s that? why would we need a credit card when we pay cash for everything, were not use to owing money to anyone” and had a laugh about it..

Honestly we both know it’s no laughing matter, I suggested to her that maybe deep down it’s not really about the money, maybe it’s the power that money or the industry gives us, I also admitted I secretly like the job.

We all know it’s no “Pretty Woman” story – blame my family for letting me watch that film at a very young age and glorifying the industry. I can’t blame anyone really, I mean it’s a choice we make, right? Or is it? I like to believe we choose the industry and at times I have heard myself, that I believe it’s my calling.

I had always been intrigued by sex, maybe it was the cultural ask of my family to refrain from sex until marriage and save myself lol who were they kidding, it just made me more interested and curious. In saying that I was a virgin until I was 21 and got raped for my first time. Wow how special right. Before then I was never actually interested in having sex, dating men, relationships or even wanting to be married in future was never in my plans. I also don’t blame this encounter as my progression into the industry wasn’t until some years later.

I believe being sexually molested as a child to be the underlying cause to my choices in bad partners and my self worth to be measured by being valued by someone and money is validating self worth.

It is risky business, I am not public about my work, i have a huge loving family and friends that I have to disconnect myself from time to time to avoid chain of lies and excuses to my whereabouts. This is the real reason I want to leave, I need to leave before I actually get busted.

I have to admit, the industry is addictive, you start believing the lifestyle is your friend. I am hoping by writing about it I will work out how to leave it..

Then there is the that damn phrase “once a hooker always a hooker”

I had left once for a few years and yes that is true to an extent that you could and may go back, maybe not when your about 50 and nobody wants to pay you.. goodness I hope I’m not in it for that long at all.

Also please note the only two relationships I have had in my life were with ex clients, which  ended horribly. i do have a friend however who left the industry with a client and is happily married with two kids, so it does happen occasionally.

Then there are the sugardaddies.. Oh my I didn’t even know I had so much to say!

It is the lead up to christmas, for your entertainment and my venting i will share this weekends client stories. that’s what the public really want to read about. Image


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